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Star Alliance Business Class Lounge – Los Angeles

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  • Country : USA
  • City : Los Angeles, CA
  • Airport : Los Angeles Intl (LAX)
  • Cabin Class : Business
  • Alliance : Star Alliance
  • Airline : Star Alliance Partner Airlines

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The multiple award winning Star Alliance Business Class lounge is arguably one of best airport lounges. The lounge at the new Tom Bradley Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport offers impressive facilities and services. With an outdoor terrace inviting guests to enjoy views over the airport and distant Hollywood hills the lounge offers spaces to suit every mood. Enjoy the Californian sun by the day and the chill out with a glass of red wine by night with a sophisticated and cosy fire lit ambience. This lounge has it all.

The lounge is located after customs and security checks.


The lounge can be found in the new Tom Bradley International Terminal on level 6, accessible via escalator or elevator from the main atrium area. The lounge is airside after security and accessible only by guests departing from this terminal.


Star Alliance Business Class lounge boasts of 2 stylish bars. Each located at a different space in the lounge that fit with time and mood of the day.


The bar in the main seating area offers comfortable bar seating and is close to main seating area in the lounge. It offers flexibility of having a drink at the bar and a chat with the friendly bar staff or move over to a more private seating area in the lounge.


Offering a selection of Champagne, signature cocktails, spirits and premium beer on tap this is one of the most well stocked bars in airline lounges.


Then there’s the bar in the balcony area overlooking the departure terminal. With comfortable lounge seating on offer, the bar serves as a dispense of guests who prefer to relax in a more vibrant setting and ample of natural lighting.




The food selection was good with a variety of salads, cold cuts and hot cooked meals.


The cold section featured a selection of salads, cold cuts and fresh fruit. Presentation of the items were well thought of and the produce was fresh. Replenishment needed to be a bit quicker as this is a very busy lounge and items get empty pretty quick.



There was  a good balance of healthy, paleo foods with the right mix of spreads and sauces


The hot dish of the day was Teriyaki Salmon with rice. The hot selection was great and the Teriyaki Salmon tasted good. The Salmon although was a bit overcooked which made it a bit tough and dry. Wasn’t too impressed with the serving dishes too. Considering the status of the lounge, the serving dished could have been a bit more spectacular.


To finish off, there was a good selection of desserts and fresh cut fruit.


For drinks. there was no shortage of premium selection of wine, beer, spirits and soft beverages. No barista coffee on offer


The lounge provides a variety of work space areas suiting the discerning business traveller. The main lounge area offer comfortable seating in a lounge setting with dimmed lighting to create a good ambience.


This is great for the more relaxed worker. Individual work spaces are also available with comfortable lounger and tables. Wifi is available across the lounge with at decent speeds. USB charge points are spread across the lounge with an ease to charge hand held devices before the long flight.


For the more serious worker there are open work spaces offering privacy and comfortable desk spaces to get the work done.


Star Alliance Business Class lounge offers extraordinary relaxing spaces to set the mood before the flight.



Comfortable sofas in the lounge with delicate curtains and perfect lighting are sure to relax. Whether you’re travelling as a group or individually, this is a great space to meet like minded people and make new acquaintances.star_alliance_lounge_los_angeles_restarea2

The open balcony area offers more of a vibrant feel with ample of natural lighting from the high terminal ceilings and overlooking the busy departure terminal.



If you’re in the mood of some quiet TV time, the media room is a great place to chill out with a large screen and comfortable sofas.


Or if you’re in the mood of some serious reading, make yourself comfortable at the Library Room.


The Terrace is the icing on the cake for the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge. The open area boasts of excellent seating with ample of sunshine and spectacular views over the Los Angles airfield.


It transforms into a stunning night venue with gas lit fires under the clear Californian skies.


Star Alliance Business class lounge offers showering facilities too. Showering suites are manned by an assistant who ensures housekeeping is up to scratch and showers are ready for the next use. A token system pages you in the lounge when your shower is ready if the lounge is busy.


Showers are clean, with hot and cold water and luxury toiletries. Bath towels are clean and crisp and the facilities of a hair dryer are available is every shower suite.



There is no two ways about the fact that the Star Alliance Business Class lounge is one of the best that is there. Right from the service through to the selection of premium food and wine – Star Alliance Business Class lounge offers an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before getting on the plane.


Whether you’re flying on business or pleasure through Los Angeles, as a Star Alliance guest or on a member airline, the lounge is surely set to impress.

Harmeet Sehgal was a guest of Star Alliance.